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Tips On Lease Negotiation

What language is the lease agreement and what should I pay attention to?
In Shenzhen, there are two versions of lease contract, i.e., Official lease contract, and agent’s contract. The official

lease contract is in Chinese, which one can help you to get official rental invoice. Our agent’s contract is approved by

SER in Chinese and English. The template is normally standard, you need to pay attention to the lease term, deposit, rent

and other charges, termination clause (if any), penalty term, landlord’s ID and ownership certificate and etc. Usually

your property consultant will help you go through the lease agreement to make sure your interest is well protected. Make

sure that you clearly understand what is included in the rent and what is not, to avoid any misunderstandings later on.
How long is a typical Shenzhen expat property lease for?
Expat apartment leases are normally for one year. For expat houses, many landlords (and many tenants) prefer 2 year leases

especially if the lease includes custom renovations and furniture purchases. Some landlords will accept a 2 year lease,

with a break option for the tenant after the first year.
What is included in an expat property lease?
Typically, besides property usage rights, the property lease includes major appliances, management, cable TV fees,

lighting and curtains or blinds. Expat houses and some high-end apartments will have dishwashers and clothes dryers. Expat

apartments are often furnished, while houses are often semi-furnished or unfurnished. Depending on the rent, furniture can

often be negotiated into a lease. Family club memberships are normally included in a house lease. If required, utility

subsidies are included at cost as are parking spaces at apartment towers.
How much is the security deposit and when is it paid?
A two month security deposit is the normal in Shenzhen City. Typically you pay one months' rent on signing the Tenancy

Agreement. The landlord may also ask for the full security deposit on signing if there are substantial custom renovations,

or if there's a significant lag time between signing the tenancy agreement and the lease commencement date. Your property

consultant will work with you to obtain the best terms possible.
How do I pay the rent and what currency is the rent paid in?
The rent is paid in RMB by bank transfer to the landlord's account. The rent is paid in RMB currency. For corporate

property leases, your company will do this for you. For private leases, we will show you how to make the monthly bank



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