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Office Renting

300㎡ RMB 178/㎡/Mon Sep 27,19

Art.No. 940

Excellence Qianhai NO.1 , Nanshan

Nanshan Qianhai office for rental with 500sqm, Fiance Center area, Nice sea view, Excellence Qianhai NO.1 Buidling

Liyumen luo bao line


660㎡ RMB 90/㎡/Mon Sep 19,19

Art.No. 1027

Shenzhen Bay Scientific and Environmental Park

Nice office in High-Tec Park with good decoration

Keyuan Shekou Line


403㎡ RMB 168/㎡/Mon Sep 10,19

Art.No. 1018

Yinglong Commercial Building, Futian

Nice office near Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Lianhua North Shekou Line


243㎡ RMB 288/㎡/Mon Sep 01,19

Art.No. 1019

Zhongzhou Building , Futian

Nice office in Futian CBD with good view

Exhibition center luo bao line


500㎡ RMB 260/㎡/Mon Aug 31,19

Art.No. 991

Huarun Landmark Building, Nanshan

Nice office next to Shennan Road in High-Tec Park

High-Tec Park luo bao line


4300㎡ RMB 320/㎡/Mon Aug 29,19

Art.No. 1029


Fantastic building in South China near the bay

Houhai Shekou Line


358㎡ RMB 178/㎡/Mon Aug 27,19

Art.No. 1000

T-shirt International Building, Nanshan

Nice office next to Metro , high floor

Taoyuan luo bao line


602㎡ RMB 210/㎡/Mon Jan 29,19

Art.No. 1009

Coastal Center , Futian

Nice office in Huaqiangbei , Futian

Huaqiang Road luo bao line

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Jun 02,2020
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