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Shopping Mall


Sea World Square, Shekou
Shekou Sea World is actually built around a ship, Named Minghua. However, the ship (originally called Anceveller) was, in the 1960s, a luxury yacht belonging to the then French president, Charles De Gaulle.  In 1973, the ship, purchased by China and subsequently renamed Minghua, was permanently anchored at Shekou, Shenzhen.  It is now a hotel and entertainment complex-much in the vein of Langui Fang in Hong Kong and   “Xintiandi” in Shanghai.
With a height of 9 decks and a length of 168 meters,  Sea World now boasts  a 1,000 m2 lobby, a 2,000m2 café lounge, a 3-D cinema, a four star hotel  a nightclub and a fully-equipped gymnasium. The site also boasts a 12,000 m2bar street, called Sea World Café Bars, and it regularly attracts hordes of foreign and domestic tourists alike. The famous bars and cafes here include Kosmo Coffee, SPR Coffee, Nutaste Coffee, Sun Bar, Italian Bar, Fisherman's Wharf, to name but a few.  At Sea World, travellers can relish the delights of a myriad of cultures from around the world, from the Spanish fiesta to the Munich beer festival; from Britain’s Notting Hill Carnival to the Paris food festival; as well as from the passionate Brazilian festivals to the romantic Hawaiin folk festival.


Coastal City
Coastal City is a big luxurious shopping mall in Shekou, very near to the Shekou bridge to HongKong. It's a huge complex with man good restaurants such as Tairyo Teppanyaki (Japanese all-you-can-eat), Thai food, Italian restaurants, Shanghai cuisine and much more. At the ground floor there is also a Jusco supermarket. Inside Coastal City is an iceskating ring, Poly International Cinema and next to the shopping mall is a good theater in the shape of an egg: Poly Theater .

Coco Park
Coco Park is a modern shopping complex located at the GouWuGongYuan subway stop. It is build partially above and partially underground with a large open area in the center. The street level has various expensive clothes shops, but on other levels there are various restaurants (update June 2009 - and a great food court called Delicity ) and even some bars and a starbucks coffee. When you go down one floor, you will find Jusco supermarket, a Japanese brand that is a bit more expensive than other supermarkets but offers a good selection of foreign foods and seems to have good quality stuff as well. There is also a modern cinema Broadway Circuit and some basketball arcade games.
On saturday evening it can be very busy in the barstreet at the West side of Coco park. Most other parts of the city are pretty deserted at this time.


KK Mall
KK Mall is the latest high-end shopping mall in Shenzhen, within walking distance of both Citic Plaza and MixCity. They opened in December 2010 and advertised throughout the city, but when we went there today (Januari 8 2011) it was not very busy. On top of the shopping mall there are a couple of residential towers and inside you'll find lots of expensive brands. There is also a supermarket called 'BLT' on the bottom floor. It reminded me of Ole supermarket in MixC. Furthermore there are some good restaurants and the first IMAX cinema of Shenzhen. The interior of KK Mall is very similar to the newly opened Dreams On department store opposite to Coco Park , both use a lot of marble, perhaps that's the new trend?


Mix City
Mix C (pronounced Mix City) is located in Luohu district at subway station Da Ju Yuan. It's one of the most expensive and up-scale shopping centers in Shenzhen. Many expensive foreign brands and foreign restaurants such as the excellent French restaurant La Belle Epoque. On the first floor is the foreign Ole supermarket with lots of good breads and cakes. Very expensive, but if you crave for a good sandwitch or chocolate cake or some special imports, this is the place to come! On the fourth floor is an iceskating ring and on the fifth floor, looking out over the iceskating ring, is a Delicity food court. There are of course also many fast-food chains and other Western chains: McDonalds, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, KFC, Spaghetti House, Haagen-Dazs etc. There is also a big modern cinema called Golden Harvest Cinema.


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